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Welcome to Bryce's Page!!
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This site is all about my little boy Bryce Dean Wilson
Pictures of the little boy is now up and running!!

Bryce spent Easter 2002 with Megan, Daddy, Grammy, Pappy, Aunt Sarah, Amy, Uncle Bill, Aunt Linda, and Granny in Holden Beach, NC. They had lots of fun but Emily and Mommy missed them a bunch.

Here is our family picture from Christmas 2001. Bryce got lots of Action Hero Figures. The picture is of him in one of his new shirts with BUZZLIGHTYEAR on it.
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Well, Bryce is now about 4 1/2 years old. Sorry for the lack of updates. I will be putting on pictures of the past holidays on here very soon! Over the summer he started T-ball and those pics will be on here too!
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Christmas 1999
This Christmas was busy too. The weekend before we went down to Charleston to see Mama, Papa, Becky, Mike, Amanda, Charles, Cindy, Eric, and Bradley. Also, we had a dinner with Greg's family and Bryce went to Santa (which we all think he knew was Big Greg)Then on ChristmasEve we went to the Granny's and then to Nana and Popop's house. When we were overthere Bryce got visited by two santas. Then on Christmas day Santa came so Bryce must have been good this year. After opening presents, we went to Nanny's and more presents were there too. Finally, we had one last stop. We spent the rest of the evening over at Big Greg and Doreen's.

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Halloween 1999
We had a lot of fun this halloween being a clown. We went trick or treating at Nana and Popop's, then over to Nanny's, then we went to see Big Greg and Doreen. We had a very busy night!

Second Birthtday June 24, 1999
Bryce had a big birthday party. The weekend before Big Greg, Doreen, Popop, and Nana came over to have one birthday party. Then on his birthday, we had a whole apartment full. Family and Friends all came to wish Bryce Dean Happy Second Birthday!!

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Easter 1999
I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Click on them to get a bigger view!

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Nov 24, 1998
Well we had a fun day yesterday. Like many parents I choose to have tubes put in Bryce's ears. He has had 4 infections since May and one had to be treated twice. So we woke up early in the morning and went to Charleston, WV to Dr. Crigger. I was scared but he had no idea what was going on. They wrapped him up in a warm blanket and he was gone. Literally before I could finish a can of pop he was back. He was crying, but he always does that if he wakes up and I'm not there. He drank some juice and we were on our way home. When he woke up from his nap, you would not be able to tell that he just had surgery that morning. He was running all over the house!!

Well I was informed by my uncle that I needed to place a few things on here. Well Bryce has started day care. He got into trouble cause he was bitting the other kids. It really only happened twice and he was bit once too. My uncle wante me to write about his first and almost last days of day care. There you go BARRY!! He is doing much better and not getting into trouble!!
Oct 29, 1998
better now! Well tonight was Trick or Treat!!

As you can see I dressed up too. I have to wear a costume to work this weekend so I thought we would go as Dorthy and the Lion from Wizard of Oz. He had sooo much fun! He would run to the door, but as soon as someone would come to the door he had to hold onto me soo tight. Then it was off to the next house. He soon realized that they were giving us candy and he would try to eat it wrapper and all.

Week of Aug 2, '98
Bryce's hair is WILD!! I have been telling myself to cut it for soooo long but I can not do it. Everyone just laughs at me, but I don't want to cut it. Bryce lived through his first (and second...) camping trip. I thought for sure I was asking for trouble. Again Brye surprised me. He loves lights so I thought he would be right by the fire, or worse yet trying to get into the fire. He stayed at least 3 feet away and would not go any closer. He went to sleep at usual time and did not get into any poison ivy!! He loved it too cause he was outside all day long. We even went on a hike around the lake!!
Playing Cat
Week of June 22, '98

Well as you can see we had a birthday party. Wed the 24 is his birthday but we celebrated a little earlier. He had cake and icing all over him. Tons of fun though. We are having another one this coming Sun for the rest of my family.
Other pictures of the party can be found at My Family Album

Week of June 7, '98
Well Bryce has been into everything!! He has been walking really well by himself for a while now so he is finding out how to get into everything!! With just one word "outside", he lites up. We went to the park and was outside forever and when it was time to go, Bryce just pouted forever. Then when his "pop pop" asked if he wanted to go back outside. He completely changed and was all happy again. Bryce has his own big boy bed. He usually sleeps in it all by himself but.. Last night it was storming and it woke him up and he came back over to my bed and curled up with me. Anyone that has kids understands how these little things make you feel. Anyone that doesn't I hope you get the oppertunity someday to experiance the joy that "little Brycee D" gives to me.
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Week of May 4 '98:
Bryce got his first ear infection :( On Tues we had to take him to the doctor after he was running a temp of about 103. Very scarry for a first time mommy!! He ceases to amaze me!! Bryce is walking all over the house he doesn't seem to think anything of it either!

Week of April 27, 1998:
Well this week, Bryce is trying to put up only one finger getting ready for his 1st birthday. He will do it 1/10. On Wed. he got into a small container of formula, and dumped it on himself. His whole face was white except his big brown eyes laughing at me. He was putting his hand in his mouth then rubbing his face caking it all over himself. Tues. Bryce went to his first college class with mommy. He as usaul was a big flirt!!

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