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The purpose of this page is to give parents, students, and
escpecially teachers a resource list. This will mainly be only a list
of links that deals with any educational site but mainly dealing with
Children's Literature. I hope you enjoy!!
= Worthy of being on this page
= Nice Site
= Better Site
= Gotta See
You can't leave without checking this one!!

General Education Sites
Education Index
PBS Teacher Connex
US Department of Education
Education World
Family Education Network

Special Education Sites
Special Education Exchange
Special Education Service Agency
Blindness Reasource Center
Internet Special Education Resources
The Future of Children
National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education
Special Needs Education Project
The Council for Exceptional Children
University of Virginia Special Education
Office of Special Education Programs

The Children's Literature Web Guide
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Newsletter
The Children's Book Council
Digital Librarian: Children's Literature
A sampling of Favorite Picture Books
Boston Globe- Horn Book Awards
Book Reviews from Kids
This is my site with the winners and a brief summery

Author's and Book sites
The Hungry Catapiller by Eric Carle
Jean Craighead George
Dinotopia©™ by James Gurney
Jean Marzollo and his I Spy books
Katherine Paterson author of The Great Billy Hopkins

Reascources for Teachers

The New Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education
Teacher's Ideas Corner
Classroom Connect
Digital Librarian: Children's Reasources
D and W's Teacher's Resource Page Ideas for student, new, and experienced elementary teachers in the areas of classroom management, grading, language, science, role playing, reading & more. Support, including an email list, for student & first year teachers.
Beginning Teachers' Tool Box There are many resources for new teachers including message boards, a newsletter, links and a great book called "Survival Kit for New Teachers".

Please visit my site dedicated to all the brilliant Winners of the Children's Literature Awards

Math Resource Sites
These are sites that I have found that would help students along with teachers. A lot will have to deal with lesson plans.
Mathmatical Resources This is a one stop page for the busy mathematics teacher for grades K - 12. Resources include lesson plans, software, listservers, newsgroups, online math activities, and other teaching materials.
A+ MathWeb site developed to help students improve their math skills interactively. Includes a game room with Matho and Hidden Picture, flashcards, and a homework helper.
Go Math Resources to improve math skills for high school students. Free homepages for students and teachers.
Math Resources for Teachers Lesson plans and links to online resources.
Math CentralA collection of teacher-prepared mathematics materials, a bulletin board, and teacher talk. Canadian but still good information.
Math MagicProblem-solving teamwork on the Web. Challenges on four levels: K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12.
Teacher Source: Mathline PBSMonthly themes help connect math to everyday life.
21st Century Problem SolvingA modern approach to reliable problem solving across the curriculum.
ExploreBrowse through mathematics and science education curricula or conduct searches that focus on specific interests. Great lesson plans!
Math Lesson Plans and ActivitiesYou can access games, activites, and lessons for a variety of math topics from this site. Lesson plans are written by teachers who have used these activities in their classrooms.
Math in Daily Life-Join us as we explore how math can help us in ourdaily lives. In this exhibit, you'll look at the language of numbersthrough common situations, such as playing games or cooking.
Math GoodiesMath Goodies is a free educational site featuring interactive mathematics lessons. Students can interact with the lessons at their own pace.

I haven't previewed all the following but I recieved them from EdSightings (email to recieve their emails)
Teach with Movies-This web site is designed to help parents use a selectgroup of feature length films to supplement school curriculum andeducate theirchildren.
BBC Education Web Guide-The BBC (in the UK) have created a comprehensive collection of links to top educational Web sites. The sites are grouped by subject, or you can search for specific keywords.
Baxter's EduNET-EduNET is an educational web site designed forstudents of all ages to do their research. It has 12 Learning Categories plusmany other excellent features. Examples are, make-your-ownhomepage, a Teachers' Only section, list your school/classroom, an educationdirectory, and our latest addition EduNET on-tour, a virtual travelexperience relating to medieval studies.
The Best Information on the Net (BIOTN)-The Librarians at St. Ambrose University have designeda superior website for reference and research. The almostinexhaustible array of links and connections to equally worthy sites makesthis my first stop for any assignment.
Web World for EducatorsContent-rich resources for any educator searching theweb for ideas on integrating technology into their classroom. You will find a wealth of information concerning curriculum resources, technicalassistance,grants and funding, planning for technology and onlinetutorials.-
MindReadr: The Education Internet Index-MindReadr is a safe, comprehensive K-12 education website for students, parents, teachers, librarians and administrators. MindReadr evaluates and presents a selection of exceptional on-linecurriculum, research materials and lesson plans.
Greenpeace USA Kids' Clubhouse-Share ideas about how to protect our planet,participate in fun activities, and learn amazing facts about ourearth.
CHOICE Humanitarian-This web site provides examples of short-term service opportunities for high school students interested in spending 2 weeks working in a village in Africa, Asia,or Latin America.
Our First Grade Backpack-This is a categorized collection of great links that first grade students can use. It covers every level from just beginning to more advanced. Students would be able to read the material with little help.
Cave Spring Junior High School (CSJH)-CSJH is a school site that includes comprehensive link libraries for kids, teachers and parents, tutorials for "Internet Resources" and "Help@email" and launch pages for a variety of specific research projects. Student produced pages, an awesome art gallery, originalgraphics and an award program round out this extensive site.
Kids Crosswords-A site that is valuable to teachers, students and parents alike. It includes crossword puzzles, and word puzzles in all areas, i.e. math, science, geography, history, etc.
Intel in Education-Intel has a brand new site which is an outstanding resource for educators. It offers many online resources, one of which is free curriculum for grade 5-9 science, math & technology teachers.
Gifts of Speech: Women's Speeches From Around the World-"I contact contemporary influential women everywhere and ask them to contribute speeches to the site. We havenearly 400 speeches now by women like Barbara Jordan, Camile Paglia and Janet Reno. Please stop by to take a look!
TeachersFirst - Classroom Resources & Lesson Plans for K-12-A large collection of teacher resources. Classroom materials, reviewed by teachers, sorted by subject areaand grade level.
Collapse: Why Do Civilisations Fall?-Mesopotamia, Teotihuacan, Chaco Canyon - they were once flourishing, vibrant communities that have all but disappeared from Earth. Explore theories on what caused these cities to collapse and learn how scientists findand assemble clues of the past in our "Collapse" exhibit.
Celebration of Women Writers-This is a great site for anyone studying Literature,who is interested in female writers.
A Walk Through Time-This site, from the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology, chronicles the history of keeping time, from ancient calendars to atomic clocks.
MiddleWeb-MiddleWeb provides links, resources, and original reporting for middle school teachers, parents, and others interested in raising student achievement and reforming middle grades education.
The Science Center-The Science Center is dedicated to helping teachers stimulate students' interest in science, specifically chemistry. The Web site provides lesson plans and classroom activities geared towards the science educator.
ePALS Classroom Exchange -There is adatabase of classrooms which includes informationabout the school, grade, and class. While meeting new friends via theInternet, children learn how to use the technology and become familiarwith all its functions. It is great for all subjects and simplylearning about another country and its culture, is easy and fun.
Peace Corps Kids World-Kids World contains content, colors, graphics, games,and language designed to educate and entertain children about world geography and the cultures of other countries. It allows children ofall ages to send electronic postcards, read folk tales from around theworld, download colouring pages, and test their geography savvy withan interactive flash game.
Literacy and Technology-Annotated web resource for teachers, parents andstudents. Features language arts lesson plans, reference sites, virtualfield trips and media sources.
Exworthy Educational Links-Exworthy Educational Links is a collection ofeducational resources for teachers, students and parents. Updated daily, this site offers important information about Website Development,Network Setup, Staff Development, Resources for Technology Coordinators,and links to resources by subject.
WOW It's ScienceA lively, quirky and information rich Web site dedicated to presenting Science in a contemporary, everyday setting. Applications of science surround us - and it can be fun.
4th and 5th Grade Student Research ResourcesWell-categorized and age-appropriate links make this an excellent first stop for students ages 9-11.
Learning about LeonardoThe site features original music composed by Leonardo da Vinci and compares the theories of Dr. Lillian Schwartz and Rina de Firenze,author of Mystery of the Mona Lisa, through scientific inquiry.
The Drama Teacher's Resource Room An award winning Canadian site dedicated to grade 4-12 drama teachers with lesson plans, backstage activities/archives,production ideas,support, other WWW drama links and educator seminar information.
BritesparksA site for families and teachers of gifted children with special needs. This site attempts to provide a community atmosphere with on-site resources, documents, children's area, educational resources
Gareth Pitchford's Primary Resources An excellent site with lots of maths, English and other lesson ideas. It's got loads of examples of Art activities as well as a collection of cartoon resources. For KS1, KS2 and K-12 teachers.
The Lesson Plans Page The Lesson Plans Page is a collection of over 300 lesson plans in all subjects that are useful for anyone in education.
Ocean AdVENTure: From Deep Sea to Deep Space Discover clues for unsolved mysteries, including the origin of life on our own and other planets. Enjoy InterActivities related to exploring Earth's last frontier.
Asia Online It includes a new unmoderated discussion group is open to educators, academics, student teachers and others who are interested in including the studies of Asia across the school curriculum.
Swim With Dragons The Swim With Dragons project is a celebration of women in science in Western Australia.
Discovery Channel School Discovery School features complete lesson plans for educators, based on programming from the Learning and Discovery Channels.
The Global Gazette This site is an international newspaper for cultural exchange. It was made by three girls from the US, Norway and Germany/Hong Kong, and has information on the government, school system, language, art, norms, symbols, sports and unique features of the cultures these girls represent. There is also a page within the newspaper where students can get their work in language and arts published, and another page where others may submit their comments or experiences that are relevant to the contents of the Web site.
School ExpressSchool Express is an educational mall with resources for schools, homeschools, teachers, parents, and children. The Free Worksheets are especially popular for school and home use.

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